Faries offers its customers products that perfe...

About us

Design should not be an end in itself. It's not just about aesthetics and beauty, but also about meaning and content. Design without content is not design, but decoration.


Founded in 2017, Faries understands this and offers its customers products that perfectly combine high aesthetics with meaningful functionality. Somebody really thought about that!


Faries - Two Aries, one idea

The name "Faries" is a neologism from the first letter of the two founders Fabienne Meyer and Fabian Klausmann and the zodiac sign of the two, the Aries.

The typical Aries is dynamic, inspiring, passionate and above all courageous. This is exactly what distinguishes the young startup Faries. Here it says: class instead of mass! No confusing Ramschladen, no arbitrary juxtaposition of textiles and accessories. Instead, Faries presents selected, high-quality design products in his webshop for customers who love something special and want to combine it with the practical.


Strong partners: Faries and ANVI Original

Faries is currently launching exclusively with the trendy accessory collection of the ANVI Original brand. Strong designs paired with high functionality: these are the products of ANVI Original. ANVI is an Australian-Taiwanese design brand whose CEO has been a longtime business partner and companion of both Faries founders.

In the future, Faries will continue to expand its product range and offer other select brands of exciting designers. The founders attach great importance to the careful selection of design and cooperation partners.


Texts written by: Torben Halama